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What is Generation Reo?

Our Māori language is in danger.  If we don't speak it we are going to lose it for good.  There are not enough using the language with our kids and in our homes.  Until we build a mass of speakers who use the language everyday and in any way possible - our language will continue to be at serious risk of being lost forever. Te Reo is a fundamental base of our culture as Kāi Tahu and as Māori. Generation Reo is about letting people know that the language is in danger and that everyone has a part to play in ensuring it survives into the future.  It's about getting as many people as possible speaking te reo Māori.  Learning it isn't enough anymore. To survive, te reo needs to be used, to be spoken, to be heard. It sounds simple enough, speak te reo and it will survive. 

You have a part to play.  Do something today.

Join the revolution.

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